Open Disclosure Oakland

Bringing campaign money to light

Track the money in Oakland elections

Modified from source by Daniel Ramirez (CC BY 2.0)

Track the money in Oakland elections

  • Who is contributing to the candidates?
  • How much money has each candidate raised?
  • Who is spending money to influence local ballot measures outcomes?
  • Are the sources of political spending local?

Total contributions flowing into Oakland’s 2018 Election:


Open Disclosure was created to empower Oakland voters with timely, accurate, and useful information about the role of money in local elections.

This site pulls data from the City of Oakland’s campaign finance reporting database to produce easy to understand graphs that clearly show the source of campaign funds and how they are being spent to sway election results. Our goal is to increase government transparency by revealing the potential influence behind local politics.

We hope to raise awareness, promote electoral accountability, and promote civic engagement and political participation by Oakland residents.