Open Disclosure was created to support transparency and integrity in local elections. We reveal the source of candidates’ funds to expose possible influence. We also show the source of money to support and oppose ballot measures. We publish campaign finance data in a way that is clear and accessible to give power to Oakland residents, strengthen local democracy, and build trust in our electoral system.

The data for Open Disclosure comes from campaign statements submitted to the City of Oakland. Open Disclosure then visualizes that data to show relationships and connections with donors. Open Disclosure does not clean or edit the data before publishing it. Open Disclosure started by visualizing money in the 2014 Oakland mayoral election. Our site has grown to include data for all offices and measures on the Oakland ballot.

Open Disclosure is developed by OpenOakland, a Code for America brigade that works to improve the lives of Oaklanders by advancing civic innovation and open government through community partnerships, engaged volunteers, and civic technology in partnership with the Oakland Public Ethics Commission (PEC). The PEC is an independent commission made up of Oakland residents charged with ensuring fairness, openness, honesty and integrity in Oakland city government.

All development on Open Disclosure happens publicly on Github. We’re always seeking volunteers to contribute to our project and support civic tech.

Current Team

  • Elina Rubuliak (since 2014)
  • Mike Ubell (since 2014)
  • Suzanne Doran (since 2016)
  • Colin King-Bailey (since 2018)
  • Francis Doran (since 2020)
  • Tom Dooner (since 2014)

Open Disclosure Alumni

Aaron D Borden; Alison Lawyer; Amanda Richardson; Andrell Bower; Andy Luo; Ash Roughani; Asha John; Ben Cipollini; Brian Ferrell; Daniel O’Kelly; Dave Guarino; Eddie A Tejeda; Edward Breen; Emily Ann Ramos; Emily Bookstein; Ethan Lang; Ian Rees; Ian Root; Jamie Marcus; Jeff Van; Jesse Biroscak; Jesse Rosato; Jesse Woltjer; John C. Osborn; Jonathan Wrobel; Josh Ling; Karen Ivy; Kate Drew; Klein Lieu; Kyle Warneck; Lauren Angius; Linda Peng; Luis Aguilar; Lynna Jirpongopas; Maddy Ford; Maggie Shine; Maksim Pecherskiy; Mel Restori; Michael Liu; Peter Hall; Peter Thompson; Phebe Polk; Phil Wolff; Phillip Ventura; Ray Kiddy; Sam Higgins; Sarah Seiter; Sean Finney; Steve ‘Spike’ Spiker; Sunny Juneja; Thomas Favre-Bulle; Timothy Kempf; Vivek Bansal; Vivian Brown.

Thank you

Thank you to our fellow Code for America brigade teams for your support and assistance: