Content last updated Sep. 21, 2020

Aimee Eng - elected

Aimee Eng
Incumbent | Aimee Eng for School Board 2018
This candidate has agreed to voluntary spending limits. The maximum contribution this candidate can accept is $800 from any individual, business entity, committee or other organization and $1,600 from a qualified broad-based committee. A question mark in circle indicating additional information

For more on Oakland contribution limits and campaign rules, see the Public Ethics Commission Candidate Resources page.

Contributions: $27,387
Current balance: $27,387
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Independent expenditures supporting candidate $51 A question mark in circle indicating additional information

Spending by third parties that advocates the election or defeat of a candidate and is not made in coordination with a candidate or campaign committee is termed an independent expenditure. To learn more, see the FAQ.

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Families and Educators for Public Education, Sponsored by Go Public Schools Advocates
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